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Please Note!!!

  • This site does not deal with Stained Glass versions of Jarmac products. If you have a question regarding these products please contact the dealer who sold it to you.
  • Also, some of the pictures used show the old version of the miter guide. The modified guide uses a graduated base for more accuracy and is shown in the 1010 picture at bottom of this page

JARMAC SAWS are the standard of the industry
for small table saws. JARMAC offers choices
in size of table tops, motors, and in
features to make your cutting and building
projects go more smoothly. All JARMAC saws*
include rip fences, mitre guides, and blade
protectors. JARMAC motors are direct drive
for more power and blades are shaft mounted.

JARMAC Power Tools are all metal,rugged,safe, and easy to use. They are being used by hobbiest's, model makers, miniaturist and in industries where small parts are required to be made quickly and accurately.
Jarmac is the originator of the 4" Table Saw more than 30 years ago and has since added several models as well as
disc sanders. Jarmac Power Tools are available from quality distributors nationwide.


Model 1002 has a 6x9 table top and lists at $198.50 


Jarmac Model#1010 has 1/16hp motor, 9x12 top, $259.95